Hunter looking for location willing to display 800lb. alligator

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Friday, June 27, 2014 - 10:48pm

A Pointe Coupee man has a dilemma: he caught one of the biggest alligators in local history, but he needs a place to put it. Now he is looking for a spot where everyone can enjoy it.

Jim White shot an alligator nicknamed Moby in September, 2013, at his camp in Port Allen. Moby was more than 13 feet long, and weighed close to 800 pounds.

"Kinda got a little nervous, you know," White said about seeing Moby emerge from the water. "I kinda got the shakes, and had my gun sitting across my lap. I said, 'man, I gotta make a good shot on this one, you know?'"

He finally retrieved Moby with the help of his brother-in-law and a tractor.

"The pictures didn't do any good," White recalled. "I posted some pictures on Facebook and stuff, and people would comment. I said, you really need to come to the camp and see him, because he's really a piece to see, he's really a piece of history. I mean, he's huge."

White sent his prize to a taxidermist in Fordoche, where it became an instant celebrity.

"I was getting phone calls, saying, 'man, you seen your alligator? You seen your alligator' I said no, I ain't seen it yet!"

Because the skin was so large, it took several months to properly dry, and nearly 80 hours of work before the taxidermy was complete. White needed the help of ten people to put the gator back in his camp, but now he wants someone else to take care of it.

"Being he was caught in West Baton Rouge Parish, I would like to put him up somewhere where the general public can see him," White stated, "because, like I said, we live in a state where everybody enjoys the outdoors."

White has had a hard time finding a good home for Moby. He would like to find someone to lease the gator for a couple of years. He said he would prefer someone willing to pay him for Moby, to help defray the cost of the taxidermy. He had discussions with Paragon Casino and Resort, Cabela's, and Bass Pro, among others, but nothing serious.

"He sits on a 15x5.5 foot framework, and is very heavy," White mentioned. "It's like 800 lbs. So it's hard to move, first of all, and it's going to take up a lot of room."

But while he searches for someone who can show Moby off, he is also searching for his next big catch.

"I went two weeks ago," he stated. "Me and my little girl went two weeks ago, but we didn't see anything. We didn't see any signs, actually.

"We'll keep looking. I'll get tags, just like I always do. I ain't giving up. Going for something bigger now!"

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