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Hoo Shoo Too Road residents say more signs won't stop crashes

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POSTED: Monday, September 17, 2012 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 17, 2012 - 10:04pm

East Baton Rouge City Parish traffic engineers have completed a study and road work on what neighbors say is one of the most dangerous roads in the parish, and have suggested some improvements. People who live along Hoo Shoo Too Road say they don't think the parish's improvements will keep anyone any safe.

Driving along Hoo Shoo Too Road signs like this are supposed to warn drivers of the dangers ahead.

"This road is so long and there are so many curves that after a while you just kind of get complacent," said Micael Territo, who lives off Hoo Shoo Too. "You put your foot down and you're going your normal speed. It comes up out of no where then you realize you're speeding."

According to a study done by city parish traffic engineers more reflexive signs and brighter stripes no the road are key to curbing wrecks along the winding streets.

"I didn't know that there were any signs added, " said Jason Hampton who lives off Hoo Shoo Too. "When we come out I haven't seen or even noticed, so where did they put them. "

But people who live off Hoo Shoo Too say signs won't do anything to stop people from speeding.

"I don't think larger signs will help," said Territo. "You go the speed limit and then you almost have to drive faster, because you've got somebody tailgaiting you trying to pass you around some of these curves. "

Territo says he's seen two many accidents near his home. In early August a young woman died after crashing in a sharp curve at the foot of his subdivision. Territo says one life lost is just to many.

"One day my three year old daughter will be 21," said Territo. "She's going to be driving up and down these roads, and she could very well run off the road or get into an accident. It could almost happen to anybody."

People say the parish has to do more to manage the deadly drive.

"Someone should say, ok you can't put an entrance into a subdivision in the middle of a blind curve that you know people are going to speed around," said Territo.

We talked with residents in the area. They tell us they have seen more EBR Sheriff's deputies on patrol, but they're hoping to see even more.

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