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Home destroyed by fire after car hits gas line

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POSTED: Monday, November 5, 2012 - 5:15pm

UPDATED: Monday, November 5, 2012 - 7:20pm

A Denham Springs woman is now picking up what’s left of her home. A car crashed into the side of her house, rupturing the gas line and sparking a fire that left her house completely destroyed.

"We were inside on a normal Sunday night and heard an explosion,” Says Bobbi Jo Gurin. An explosion engulfed a home in flames in a matter of minutes - only two houses down from Bobbi Jo and her husband, just off of Clinton Allen road in Denham Springs.

"And he walked outside and saw a car in the side of their house and there were a few flames then all of a sudden there were a lot of flames and the fire department was here in no time," Says Bobbi Jo Gurin.

aA car ran off the side of the road then hit a mail box and drove through some bushes. It then landed in the side of the house. The Livingston Fire Department arrived and they quickly assessed the situation but ran into a problem.

Bobbi Jo says that, "The car undoubtedly hit the gas line." The fire department had trouble cutting the gas off, fearing it could create a larger explosion, so all they could do was let it burn. Once the gas company arrived, they located the gas line and put the fire out. The woman who was home at the time, had only lived there a few months but walked away unharmed

“Yeah she just moved in, in August we were very good friends with the young couple that lived here before but she did she did just move here a couple months ago, new to the neighborhood," says Gurin.

And other neighbors say the woman lost another home in the past due to a fire. "Very, very nice lady Christian lady, my heart really goes out to her," says Gurin.

Neighbors are trying to set up a fund to help their new neighbor with her recovery.

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