Gun owners ready for tax free weekend on firearms, ammo, and hunting gear

Gun owners ready for tax free weekend on firearms, ammo, and hunting gear
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POSTED: Monday, September 2, 2013 - 6:00pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 2, 2013 - 6:04pm

Gun store owners and their customers are getting ready for Louisiana's Second Amendment Tax Free Weekend.

According to the Louisiana Department of Revenue's website guns, ammo and hunting gear are tax free starting Friday, Sept. 6. Gun store owners say it's a great way to boost business before hunting season.

"It's really nice to get, because it's a big surge. It really gets people fired up. It gets people out. It really allows people to actually buy stuff that they normally are right on the border of can afford or not, or thinking about it," Jim McClain, President Jim's Firearms, described.

Gun owners, like David Colson, spent Labor Day scoping out area gun stores ahead of the big weekend crowds.

"The deals are I save a bunch of money on a bunch of guns," Colson said. "Definitely for the savings this weekend would be the weekend to shop. "

He plans on headed back out to the store this weekend to buy guns.

"I'm looking for another 9mm," Colson said.

The tax exemptions includes everything guns to hunting gear, but McClain says ammo will be the hot ticket this weekend

"Oh yeah, you are going to see a lot of people come out there just to see what we have as far as hard to get ammo," McClain described. "There are still a number of calibers that are still hard to get 22 long riffle 9mm 45mm."

McClain said the sales tax holiday has long term benefits for business, and the state.

"It's a win, win. I think it generates a lot of sales down the road to residual. So, the state actually does have a gain on it other than the small term one time loss for a long term gain," He said.

He had some advice for shoppers:"Pace yourself don't over spend and shop early. "

"I think there will be a lot of people here this weekend, but I'm willing to put up with it just for the savings," Colson said.

Click here for more information on Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday click here.

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