Good samaritan saves baby after stroller rolls off subway platform

Good samaritan saves baby after stroller rolls off subway platform
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POSTED: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 - 1:15pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 12:47pm

A few drops of blood on a Fulton Street train platform in Brooklyn marks the spot where an otherwise routine trip to a job interview turned into a self-less act of bravery.

30-year-old Delroy Simmonds was there -- waiting for the Manhattan bound J-train just after 12:30 Tuesday afternoon, when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a baby stroller rolling toward the edge of the platform, pushed by a strong wind gust.

Simmonds told Pix11 that the mother had three other children with her, and simply wasn't quick enough to react to the rolling stroller that tumbled off the platform -- with the baby inside.

Delroy said he didn't think twice before jumping down onto the tracks to save the 1-year old boy – who was still strapped into the stroller, face down, on the tracks with a train approaching.

Simmonds says when he jumped down onto those tracks, he didn't look to see if the train was coming, or how close it was to him. He just jumped down onto the tracks. "Yeah. This is how we knew that the baby was in the stroller, because as the stroller went over -- that's when I saw his head fling out. When I picked him up, the blood and everything was dripping off his body", an emotional Simmonds told PIX11.

Fortunately, the train conductor was able to first slow down, and then stop the train.

During those precious seconds Delroy -- himself a father of two young children -- was able to lift up the entire stroller and put it back onto the platform before he pulled himself up to safety.

The infant suffered a deep gash on his forehead, and is now being treated at Brookdale Hospital.

Khalima Ansari, who was also waiting on the platform and called 911, told PIX11, "Yep, he sure enough did jump down there. He's a hero!"

Asked if he felt as though he jumped onto those tracks not just as a stranger, but also as a father, Simmonds replied, "Yes. Cause i seen the lady crying. And i seen his older sister and two brothers. I started to shed a little tear. But i caught myself. But when i got home to my girl i started crying – like a little baby. I feel good that the baby is alive, and didn't get smashed by that train."

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