Gonzales residents are frustrated yards turned into lakes

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POSTED: Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 5:07pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 31, 2012 - 11:23am

Several streets off Highway 44 in Gonzales were swamped with water with this storm.

What was Hurricane Isaac's heavy rains turned the City of Gonzales into the sea of Gonzales. Canals overflowed into parking lots. Neighborhoods were swamped, and even the city government complex was covered with water.

"Oh, I never expected to see this much water," said Gonzales resident Chester Muse.

Chester Muse's thought he had expected the worse with isaac...then, he stepped outside his front door.

"Not just look like it it was impassible," said Muse. "First when I came out I couldn't even get out."

Now Muse's neighborhood looks like a lake. The water is very dark and deep. People living in that area say they are concerned there could be something dangerous lurking beneath the water.

"There are some critters," said Muse. "I know they are some critters. I just killed a snake yesterday."

City police put out barricades blocking flooded streets, but people who live along those streets say it wasn't enough to keep people from splashing more water into their yards.

"They are driving fast," said resident Darren Washington. "Water was all over the place like you doing it for fun or whatever."

Now neighbors say they're waiting for the water to go down.

"Upset. It makes me feel upset. You know I can't maneuver. I had to move my dogs to higher ground and things like that," said Washington.

"It seems like poor drainage to me," said Muse.

"We have a pumping system the parish has a pumping system that works wonderful," said Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux. "You get so much rain fall, that much, coming down in one period of time, it backs up the pumps. It cant keep up with it. "

Arceneaux says the pumps are working but it takes time to get streets dry.

"It's something we've come to expect living in South Louisiana," said Arceneaux. "It's just something to live with and do what you can to get rid of it at a quick pace. Lot of time you a lot of time you cant get rid of it a quick pace."

"I think the pumps may be adequate, but it might not be enough pumps," said Muse.

Mayor Arceneaux says most of the water should have cleared out thursday night. city hall is open tomorrow, and if you have any problems with flooding you may call City Hall at 225-647-2841.

The City of Gonzales will begin curbside debris removal Friday, Aug. 30.

"We ask that you please make an effort to sort your debris between vegetative

debris, construction and demolition debris, and regular trash," said Mayor Barney Arceneaux. "On our initial routes, we will focus on vegetative debris only. We will then begin to make regular trash runs on our secondary passes."

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