Gardere community speaks out on dangerous conditions for people trying to cross the street

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POSTED: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 9:00pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 9:04pm

"It makes you feel quite nervous especially at night when it's dark you are afraid you don't see a person," said Gardere Resident Joyce Steward.

Trying to get around the Gardere is not easy especially if you want to walk or ride your bike.

"They need sidewalks all over unfortunately," said Steward. "There is a park it's right there the children can't get across properly because there is nothing to get them across."

There are no sidewalks on Gardere right now. Darin Fontenette runs the Gardere Youth Alliance. He says the lack of sidewalks causes big problems protecting his kids coming to and from practice.

"It can be very dangerous," said Fontenette. "One of the things we look for when we see them at the park we try and come get them across the street."

cars whiz by and a small child trying to cross could easily be missed by a distracted driver.

"At night you can't even see them some times," said Fontenette I've been driving on this road coming home and by the grace of god I didn't hit nobody because they walk on the road, because there's no where for them to walk."

For those who work on Gardere getting people to come to their shop is difficult. Workers say customers have a hard time accessing their business.

"You know we here it all the time better access and we'd come walk here," said Paul Maldonado.

Metro Council Member Chandler Loupe represents the Gardere area he says plans are in the works for improvements.

"The DOTD has committed to do the side walks, but they want the city-parish to pay for the culvert work and the excavation that will have to be done," said Loupe.

Right now Loupe says he's talking with other city-parish leaders to find the money to fix the problem.

"The city-parish has to embrace that area has to start funding necessary infrastructure improvements, " said Loupe.

Fontenette says the Gardere community can't wait for the city-parish to find money. They need side walks on Gardere now.

" I don't think it's fair for us to try to pay for it knowing that this is such a busy highway," said Fontenette. "I have kids adults crossing the street everyday. It's not here or there this is a constant crossing every day."

Councilmen Loupe says one the money to fix the Gardere is collected it could take about six months to solve the problem for pedestrians.

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