Floods ruin homes and cars in Gramercy

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 6:13pm

Emotions are running high in Gramercy after the heavy rain caused devastating flooding in the area.

"Here's the water line right here. Where this bubble is on my sheet rock. Everything was totally ruined," said Carroll Weber as his muddled through his flooded home.

Residents say parish officials didn't act quickly enough to turn on pumps to move the water out and they say, drains just weren't working.

"The catch basins up the street, the water has lowered itself to below the level of the catch basin. But the water is still bubbling out of the catch basin. Hundreds of gallons a minute are pouring out still. So the water level is going down but the power drainage system is still dumping water on to us," said William Millet, a Gramercy resident.

Gramercy Mayor Terry Borne hopes to get the town better equipped for situations like these, but borne says even "fully prepared," this much rain in a short period of time causes big problems.

"Until we get that canal done, we are going to continue to get this kind of flooding. So hopefully when we get that canal done it will alleviate some of the flooding problems. But when you got 10 inches of rain in a short period of time, it's difficult to handle that amount of water," says Borne.

Now the damage the weather caused to Gramercy isn't just limited to North Airline road. There are cars completed submerged under water.

"My husband works across the river and they park right here to carpool to work and a neighbor passed and saw it this morning and sent us a picture so I guess our next job would be to get it out of the water," said Codi Seltzer, another Gramercy resident.

Now the people who live here and town officials are starting their clean up knowing, there's even more rain in the forecast.

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