Firefighter give tips to keep house fire free this winter

photo provided by staff.
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POSTED: Monday, October 7, 2013 - 7:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 9:01am

October 6 through 12 is National Fire Prevention Week in the United States. This year's theme is "prevent kitchen fires." Firefighters here in Baton Rouge had tons of tips to make sure you're home is safe inside and out.

"As the weather turns cool we see an increase in house fires normally," Eldon Ledoux, St. George Fire Protection District spokesman, explained.

Fall and winter are busy seasons for firefighters. Now Ledoux is warning homeowners to check their fire places and freshen up on the proper way to take care of ashes.

"The proper way to dispose of ashes in a metal container soak them with water to make sure the embers are truly extinguished," Ledoux explained. "Every year unfortunately we work one or two house fires where someone has placed those embers directly into the plastic garbage can. "

Firefighters say make sure you keep flammable objects at least 3 feet away from your fireplace or space heater.

"That means if you're going to bring a heater into your bedroom be careful of your bedding be careful of your table cloth," Ledoux said. "The fire can double any minute so it really doesn't take long for a fire to grow. "

Ledoux said the most dangerous place in your home is the kitchen. State Fire Marshal Butch Browning said in a release research from the National Fire Protection Association says two out of every five house fires begins in the kitchen.

Ledoux said:"The leading cause of kitchen fires is in attention. "

Firefighters warn don't leave pots on the stove unattended, and when you leave make sure to turn off kitchen appliances and remove the pot from the burner.

Firefighters say make sure you change the battery on your smoke detector every daylight savings time. The next time change is November 3.

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