FDA approves over the counter Plan B pill, causes some to question decision

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POSTED: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 5:30pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 8:28pm

The FDA has approved Plan B to be sold over the counter so now any woman over 15 years old can pick it up without a prescription.

Before the approval, people under 17 needed a prescription.

“He's my absolute first responsibility," said Candice Bradford, a young mother.

Almost two years ago, Candice was just a teenager and pregnant with her first child, Reid. And now she’s not only a full time mom but a full time student as well.

"I wouldn't trade it but I wish I would have been smarter about it waited a little longer where I could have had a foundation to build myself off of for him," noted Bradford.

With a surprise pregnancy, the emergency contraceptive pill wasn’t a quick fix.

“If I hadn't taken it before I probably would have had a baby at such a young age younger than I did," said Bradford.

Plan B prevents a pregnancy if taken within 72 hours but it won’t prevent the spread of STD's.

"If anything it might give them a better reason to say ‘oh well I don't have to be protected’.”

Candice said although she has used it in the past, its something she does not recommend unless there is no other option.

"If it would lead to something harsh down the road then Plan B might be the way to go," said Bradford.

And although Candice wouldn't trade her baby for the world, she says having a child as a child, is not a path many people choose to take.

“Young kids should stay protected because it's very stressful to be this young with a child," stated Bradford.

Emergency contraception was first approved in 1993 by the FDA. Those against Plan B wouldn't comment on camera about the decision.

But they told NBC33 although using Plan B isn’t abortion, this pill should only be used in a true emergency.

Some others against it say it should not even be available with a prescription, let alone to teenagers as young as 15.

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