Farm day helps special needs kids feel like a winner

Farm day helps special needs kids feel like a winner
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Saturday, May 18, 2013 - 8:28pm

Kids with special needs got a chance to be care free for the day in Prairieville.

"They feel special and included and amazing and they just they deserve it. They love it," Shannon Woodside, mother of three special needs kids, described.

It's part of farm day 2013. the goal mix kids with and without disabilities. Kids got to have fun and raise awareness about disabilities.

Shannon Woodside brought her family to farm day help show her three special needs kids they can do anything.

"They are so excited and they don't feel any different. They feel just like anybody else and they are able to participate in things that put smiles on their faces, that made them feel like winners," Woodside said.

Kids with special needs sometimes have trouble doing every day things, but not at farm day.
Kids got a chance to pet animals, ride ponies, play games and get prizes.

"That's all we ever try to do to make them feel like they are 100 percent just as normal as anybody else. They don't have any issues that limit them," Woodside explained. "This gives them the opportunity to not feel limited. "

Becky Petite created farm day to show kids of all walks of life how difficult it can be to live with a disability, and also how to help those who do have special needs.

"It's disability awareness not only do we have the special needs kids come out and enjoy the day we have the kids that help the special needs kids," Petite said.

She described special needs kids as, "They have so much to give. They have so much that we need to understand about them. I feel like it's so important to have days like this to make people understand that this is there world our world one world."
The children and their families appreciate Petite's hard work.

"Oh It's just a wonderful wonderful feeling to witness all the joy," Petite said.

Around 500 people came out to have fun on farm day.

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