Family grieves after losing daughter in fatal car crash, demand justice

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POSTED: Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 10:30am

UPDATED: Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 5:49pm

An Acadiana family is demanding justice after the man accused of killing their daughter in a drunk driving crash remains free.

The Sonnier family says they can't imagine life without Rachael, who was killed in the crash.

Lafayette Police suspect the driver of the other car was drunk.

“She was only 22, but she was so mature for her age and happy, states mother Kathy Sonnier. “I mean, you can see it in the pictures - always smiling.”

Racheal Sonnier's three-year-old son was in the car when she was killed.

“It's hard to explain to a three-year-old that mommy's not coming home,” says Kathy. “We're blessed in that we were shutterbugs, and we have tons of pictures of her to help us help her son remember her and to help him know how much his mother loved him.”

Kathy says that the family's mourning has now turned into anger and they are ready to seek justice for Racheal.

“I want this man to serve whatever the maximum sentence is for doing what he did to my daughter.”

The driver charged with OWI Fred Dutton, 23, from Lafayette. Dutton left a bar after drinking with a friend.

The Sonnier family wants to make sure he's locked up.

“There's no amount of money that can bring my daughter back or make our grief any easier,” says Kathy. “But, she does have a son that has to grow up without the mother that busted her butt to see that he had all of his needs met.”

Rachael's mom Kathy says that she's going to do everything she can to make sure Dutton goes to jail.

She also wants all drivers to know that one bad decision could ruin the lives of an entire family.

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