Eyewitnesses speak out about shooting in Plaquemine

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POSTED: Monday, May 20, 2013 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 11:16am

A man wanted for allegedly shooting up a Circle K gas station Saturday night turned himself into police Monday morning.

The shooting happened after a fight that at another gas station. Two people had to be taken to the hospital. They're expected to be recover.

“It’s scary that you're just waiting at a gas station and you just start being shot at,” said Jermaine, and eye witness.

Jermaine stopped at the Circle K for only a few minutes when he saw something he couldn't believe.

“I was scared all I could do was get down try and duck and hide from bullets that were randomly flying," noted Jermaine.

Police say 19 year old Shannon Holmes opened fire at the gas station. Jermaine's car was hit.

Another eye witness, who wants to remain anonymous, told NBC33 he had a feeling something bad was going to happen when dozens of people started to pile into the station.

“When I opened the door, that's when I heard the shots and I fell back in,” said the eyewitness.

But he says what really scared him wasn't the gun or the large crowd of people.

“Violence is everywhere but when you hear a mother cry and scream over her child laying there, that had a more affect on me than anything else,” he noted.

Jermaine said the senseless crimes by Plaquemines youth are making him really worry about the future.

“But it’s a real scary feeling especially when you don’t even know the people that are doing all of this, the younger generation they just don’t care," said Jermaine.

Police said they want everyone in Plaquemine to know they are doing everything they can to keep the city safe while still trying to figure out why the shooting started.

"It absolutely raises an alarm...were on the scene moments after that but it's hard to control what happens when you're not there," noted Cpt. Kenny Payne of the Plaquemine Police Department. "When he turned himself, he wouldn’t talk to us. What drove him to do what he did, we really don’t know."

Police said the fight actually began at two other gas stations and the group of people made their way to that Circle K, when the shooting happened.

Holmes has been arrested in the past for Resisting an Officer and Disturbing the Peace.

He was booked into the parish jail Monday morning and is being charged with two counts of Attempted Second-Degree Murder.

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