Explosion shakes St. Amant

Photo provided by staff.
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POSTED: Monday, November 4, 2013 - 7:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 8:40am

A scary experience for residents of one St. Amant neighborhood after a propane tank exploded yesterday, shaking everything in sight.

Chief James LeBlanc, St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department, said, "It appears the motor home propane tank possibly had a leak. the home owner was probably investigating trying to find the leak, and in the process of trying to find the leak that's when the explosion took place."

LeBlanc said the explosion happened around 5:00 p.m. Sunday in the 10500 block of Savoy Road.

People living on the street said it was a scary experience.

"It felt like somebody threw a bomb on the front of my house and it shook the entire house and it shook us," Tom Bonin, who lives near the blast site, said.

Bonin said he went outside and saw a lot of fire and smoke.

"We were scared not anything like that happens around here ever," Bonin said.

LeBlanc said in a release, "Social Media sites quickly filled up with comments wondering what exploded. Homes in Ascension Parish as far away as 12 miles were shaken by the explosion."

Bonin described, "It shook up the whole neighborhood. every one came out of their house."

"There was debris spread out across neighbors yards 90 to 100 feet," LeBlanc said.

Leblanc said propane tank users have to be careful when trying to find a leak.

"Best thing to always do is get you a little soap a little water spray it on your connections if you see bubbles you know that your propane tank and connections are leaking," LeBlanc explained.

LeBlanc warns never use a flame to check for a leak.

"Using a flame to check a propane leak will cause and explosion," LeBlanc said.

LeBlanc said in a release, "St. Amant, Sorrento Fire Departments along with Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office and ground units from Acadian Ambulance responded to the call."

Adrian Bourgeois provided video clips of the fire after the explosion used in this story.

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