Elderly woman claims she was forced to rob bank with fake bomb

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - 12:57pm

Authorities in Fayetteville, Arkansas are still working hard to find the man they believe is behind a kidnapping, bomb scare and home invasion.

78-year old Herbert Davis left his Fayetteville home to get coffee Monday morning as he usually does, but this time while he was gone, police say a man knocked on the Davis' door.

His wife Betty answered and found a man claiming to be injured.

He then attached a device that he claimed was a bomb to Betty's leg.

When Herbert Davis returned home, the man duct-taped him to a chair.

According to deputies, the man then stole the Davis' truck and a loaded shotgun, then followed Betty to the Arvest Bank in Fayetteville, where he forced her to go inside and demand money.

Authorities later found both the truck and the shotgun at the nearby Great House Park, but they are still working hard to find the man.

"We have completed processing the truck and the weapon we found inside of it," said Washington County Sheriff Tim Helder.

Authorities were able to find fingerprints which have been sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab in Little Rock.

"We want this person off the street."

According to Sheriff Helder, they are doing everything they can to find this man.

"We're examining video from all surrounding businesses, trying to identify this person...We'll be following up a number of leads...We put our feet to the street and we start interviewing people and trying to develop leads."

"Somebody saw him, somebody did...We believe at least more than one person saw this person, they just didn't recognize what was going on. If anybody was able to see the guy get out of the truck or get in to another vehicle. That's the kind of stuff we're trying to gather now," said Sheriff Helder.

Investigators describe the man as white, about six feet tall, medium to large build, wearing a brownish-orange jacket and blue jeans.

They believe he knew the Davises or someone closely affiliated with the couple.

"We just believe that his person had some extensive knowledge of them," Helder said. "He put these people in harm's way, and he's a dangerous individual."

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