Drivers say longer green lights on Airline Hwy didn't work

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POSTED: Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 5:22pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 11:10pm

"We've been out here exactly two hours trying to get on the other side of Airline Highway," says motorist Donnie Pierson.

Donnie Pierson, like thousands of drivers in Baton Rouge on Tuesday, felt the pain of being stuck in traffic that slowed to a crawl. He says the Department of Transportation and Development and law enforcement haven't done enough to help motorists out.

"It's very aggravating and I don't understand. We have cops for everything that we don't need ‘em for, but they can't ever come and control the lights, so traffic can pass," says Pierson.

D.O.T.D. says they're doing all they can to help drivers like Pierson on Airline highway. They've put the lights on Priority Route Status. Meaning, they'll stay green a little longer than normal. They're-hoping that'll keep the traffic flowing smoothly.

"They need some help. it ain't working," says Thomas Dumas.

"It's not working for me at all," says Ginger Locke.

Drivers like Ginger Locke and Thurman Dumas say the strategy isn't making a bit of difference, but they're still not moving.

"Right now we're trying to turn left and it gets bogged. They won't let us turn. Then the north south traffic won't move," says Locke.

That's no surprise at all to Pierson.

"Synchronizing sucks. Remember that," says Pierson.

And that leaves him fed up.

“This is ridiculous. That is really ridiculous," says Pierson.

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