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Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 4:20pm

Bayou corne is dotted with wells. Some that work, some that don't.  Texas Brine officials explained maps to residents at a meeting Tuesday.

The area around the multi-acre sinkhole is low in pressure. That means the gas that is trapped by the water can't come to the top. These wells will help relieve that gas.  Texas Brine officials hope "to get as much gas out of the ground as we can."

But despite some residents being out of their homes for more than a year, some of them say things are looking up.
Tim Brown, Bayou Corne Resident, said "I think they're making some real good progress. It's just going to take a matter of time. The biggest problem is the gas."

Texas Brine, the company that owned the salt dome that caused the collapse, are making new changes. They've finished the initial containment for south berm, or boundary, and it should be finished come mid April. Sinkhole activity is down, and the company built 5 new shallow wells and is also looking into more. One of those wells is on Dennis Landry's property.  "It's been a big interruption of my normal business.  Although a couple of wells especially one right here on my property is producing very much. Get rid of the gas, hopefully we're home free, but the big question is what's going to happen when this is declared all over."

Tim and Kathryn also live in Bayou Corne, they feel Texas Brine is taking the right approach.
"I didn't want them to leave and six months later, something else occurs," said Kathryn.  "When they've hit a road block, they've tried to figure it out and go from there and I think the slow progress has been what helped."

And all hope that by working together, they can bring "their" Bayou Corne back.
"Thank God that nobody's been hurt, so hopefully everything will pass and life can return to normal on the beautiful little bayou paradise that we have here," said Landry. 
"We're pretty satisfied with what they've been doing. It took them a little while to get their butt in gear," he laughed. "We're going to live in a beautiful peaceful Bayou Corne."

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