CATS takes part in dump the pump day

CATS takes part in dump the pump day
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Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 4:23pm

CATS passengers were elated to find out they didn't have to pay to ride today. Especially for the regulars, where public transportation is a necessity.

"I've lost my vision, I'm not able to drive anymore. I don't have any relatives here except one brother and CATS is necessary for everyone who doesn't have vehicles to go back and forth to work and things like that," said Quinters Bouie, a regular CATS passenger.

And since CATS is such a crucial part of many peoples everyday lives, they do appreciate the effort the company has put out to make it more customer friendly.

"I can't say nothing about nobody else but I can say it for myself, I am grateful for what they have improved on. They added more busses like they said they would and they are doing good," Margaret Lewis, a passenger on her way to work.

"They doing pretty good now as far as coming on time. They doing really good now so it's not much I can say improve on. Definitely better than it was," said Barbara Walker, another passenger.

As for what CATS can do to further enhance the passenger experience? Well, a little more shelter never hurt anyone.

"Maybe have some more places where people can get out of the weather. Where they wouldn't be sitting in the sun or when it was raining but other than that it has been going really great," Bouie.

20 new shelters were just approved. they'll be in place by next year.
But until then, Thursday's free ride will suffice.

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