Car dealership shuts down and lets go 40 employees with only a few hours notice

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POSTED: Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 6:45pm

UPDATED: Friday, March 15, 2013 - 11:10am

Dozens of now former workers at a car dealership said they were told via text message and phone call they were out of a job. Forty employees were told only hours before work that they were laid off and that their direct deposits had been canceled. Now, there are lots of questions about what could happen with the cars hundreds bought from Red Barn Motors. 

"This whole situation is a prime example of a huge misunderstanding and bad communication between an employer and its employees," says former employee, Shae.

Red Barn Motors in Denham Springs was up and running just two days ago, and now the locks have been changed and there is not a soul in site.

"It's difficult considering the circumstances, because we were promised the world," says former Red Barn employee, Jamie.

Shae and Jamie are two former managers at Red Barn Motors and there they were promised financial stability and job security, until now.

"He didn't want everyone to get dressed and get excited to come to work tomorrow because he was shutting down the business," says former Red Barn manager, Shae.

“An employee came to my home at 11 at night and told me they closed the doors and we were all out a of a job," noted Jamie.

They were all fired without warning and without reason.

“I’m upset just upset. I have three children. I am married. My husband works and it's going to take a toll on us,” noted Shae.

For many of the employees, including Jamie, the owner was more than just a boss.

“Your initial instinct is to be angry, but for me it was personal, you know. This is a man that I would have called my friends," said Jamie.

And closing a business like a car dealership leads to more questions.

“I have customers calling me right now wanting to know where their titles are and where their cars are,” said former employee, Scott.

Not only are these former employees upset, they have to face those customers who are also looking for answers.

“I don’t have answers for anyone, so it’s really hard with wanting to make it better

So now all they can do is wait and hope some answers some sooner, than later.

“I don’t think it had to happen like this. I think it could have been different."

NBC33 spoke with one of the owners and he says that the dealership is run by his stepson, who has serious medical problems. He said they will be closing "temporarily” until they reopen and downsize sometime in the near future.

The owner also says that the customers will all be satisfied in the end. As for the employees, only some will return to their jobs and they all are being mailed their paychecks Friday morning.

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