Cancer study enrolls hundreds in Baton Rouge hoping to make a difference

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POSTED: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 5:09pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 5:12pm

Hundreds in the Baton Rouge area are signing up to participate in a decades long cancer study. The study, titled Cancer Prevention Study 3, sets out to find a link between things like lifestyle or environmental factors and Cancer. As a physician study participant ,Dr. Greg Gaspard, is no stranger to the debilitating effects of cancer

"I've seen a lot of people with cancer. Being diagnosed or dealing with the complications of cancer, so it's something I come across if not on a daily basis, a weekly basis," Gaspard explained.

That's why he's agreed to participate in one of the nation's largest long-term cancer studies, enrolling participants right here in Baton Rouge.

"If we can find anything to reduce the impact of cancer or even affect the mortality related to cancer it would be fantastic, because a lot of people with cancer suffer tremendously," Gaspard said.

And after a quick survey, waist measurement, and blood sample, Gaspard added his name alongside thousands of other participants nation-wide. But organizers are still looking for volunteers. With 400 appointments already made they hope to reach 700 enrollees in the Baton Rouge area by the week's end. There's also one group in particular they're still hoping to see more enrollment from.

"We're still very low on our minority enrollment goals, and we can't study anybody who isn't in the study so it's very important that we look at all populations so that we're not basing prevention on one group of people," Becky Majdoch, a organizer, explained.

"I understand that African Americans are always under represented when it's a study like this. Also I really want to be a part of it because I've had family members who have had cancer or died of cancer, so it's really important that I do this study and hopefully make a difference for generations to come," Demetria Robinson, another study participant, said.

To find out how you can sign up for this study click here.

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