Burglaries near substation concern residents

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POSTED: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 10:11pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 11:38am

Neighbors said six break-ins within the last two weeks has them on edge and that the situation is more frustrating, since an East Baton Rouge Sheriff's substation is nearby.

Ashley Fleniken heard about break-ins recently in her neighborhood, but now it's hitting too close to home for her and her young children.

"This is not acceptable," Fleniken said. "So disturbing. We feel so violated."

The break-ins have occurred in their Westhaven neighborhood off Burbank. This week, Fleniken's neighbor came home to find her door kicked-in, laying on the floor inside their home. The burglars took jewelery and other valuables.

"No reason why people that live here shouldn't be concerned about what's going on now," said Blake York, who lives nearby.

What's especially concerning to the neighborhood, is that the brazen burglars are targeting the homes, that sit less than a mile from the sheriff's department substation.

"When I heard of the first one, I was scared," Fleniken said. "Now I'm beyond scared, I'm aggravated. "I'm not scared, just aggravated that this continues to happen in such a large amount in two weeks."

The goal now is to shed light on the crimes, in hopes that everyone knows to be more aware at all times.

"At least everyone in the neighborhood will know what's going on," York said. "Know to be looking for suspicious people because it's going on. Maybe that'll help us catch whoever is doing this."

Neighbors said the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Department did have a heavy presence after the latest break-in. a department spokeswoman also suggested that they form a neighborhood association to guard against crime.

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