BTR re-opens, travelers excited to reach final destinations

BTR re-opens, travelers excited to reach final destinations
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Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 12:11pm

Days after a winter storm hit the south, area airports have finally opened up for business again or take-offs and landings.

"I saw some planes out on the runway, so I knew we were in good business," said Jennifer Green, Green was delayed two days in Baton Rouge while visiting her mother.

Travelers we spoke to tried to make the best of the icy delay, whether they were stuck in airports or given more time to visit family.

“Just walked around, had a few beers, nothing else much to do at an airport," said Javaer Solorzano, who was held up for two days attempting to get to Baton Rouge to visit family.

“Mainly just stayed near the fireplace and watched DVDs and just kind of chilled out," added Green.

Though travelers were stuck dealing with airlines, delays, lost bags and other travel woes, nothing could hamper their excitement at arriving in Baton Rouge.

"Finally. You know I am looking at the runway thinking, 'wow looks awful clean, I wonder if they even had any ice.' but just glad to be here, glad to be here," chuckled Charles Jackson, who made it to Baton Rouge to visit his mother.

"Well my grandson I know has been expecting me, that's what I’ve been really looking forward to. I’ve been talking to him over the phone. So that's what I am really looking forward to," said Solorzano with a smile.

Some airlines are still experiencing delays so airport officials urge everyone to double check the status of their flights.

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