Brusly officials want to curb red light runners, traffic cameras an option

Brusly officials want to curb red light runners, traffic cameras an option
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POSTED: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 6:34pm

Bad drivers in Brusly beware. Town officials are looking at new ways to stop red light runners. The council is considering adding traffic cameras to help cut down on accidents in the town.

"In Brusly you don't consider a green light, a green light. You consider it a caution light," Joey Normand, Mayor of Brusly, described. "It's almost ingrained in the culture when you cross highway one you look both ways even if you have a green light, You look both ways because it can be a bad situation."

Normand explained the majority of accidents in the town happen off LA ,1 because drivers don't follow the rules of the road. Town leaders are looking at adding two traffic cameras at the lights on LA 1.

Some drivers like the idea.

"I think it's good, because it's for the safety of the other people you know," Jimmie Jarrell, who works in Brusly, said.

Others like Darrell Spencer said the cameras aren't necessary. He say the Brusly Police Department does just fine on its own.

"They get you for running caution lights red lights speeding they are really really tough over here," Spencer said.

Drivers are worried the cameras could back up traffic even more with people trying to avoid a ticket.

"they are giving you tickets people try and hurry up and run the lights "

"At the same time not at every light. A few of them I could see it, but every light it's ridiculous," Jarrell said.

Mayor Normand says the camera company would take the pictures and then police would distribute the tickets later at no cost to the town.

"They put them in they charge us $40 per citation but we don't pay anything," Normand said.

If town officials chose to they could add more to the citation fee. That money would be profit for the town.

The mayor says the traffic cameras are a high tech tool to help make sure red light runners learn there lesson.

"Somebody comes home and says well the policeman gave me a ticket," Normand stated. "There is no policemen here. It's all in living color. It was you."

The mayor says the council hasn't made a final decision on the cameras. Right now they are just looking for drivers opinions on the cameras.

The next step would be to have the traffic camera company to come out and do a survey to see if they think the town needs the cameras. The company would monitor the red lights for a 12 hour period to see how many people run the light.

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