Bonnie Kate nearing end of physical therapy, ready to walk again

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POSTED: Monday, November 26, 2012 - 5:00pm

UPDATED: Monday, November 26, 2012 - 5:12pm

Bonnie Kate Pourciau is closer to her dream of walking than she has been in a long time. After being shot in a Colorado movie theater back in July, she's gone through intensive physical therapy.

"It's all been hard. It's been a long hard process," says Pourciau.

I caught up with her at her therapy session in Baton Rouge. That's where her trainer Jason Greene was pushing her as hard as he could to get her back up and walking as soon as possible.

"She's been a great patient. [She’s been] very compliant, very hard working. She's the first born, so we can definitely tell she's motivated, strong-willed,” says Greene.

But she's also getting help from some new age exercise equipment.

One of the keys to Bonnie Kate's recovery has been an anti-gravity treadmill. It allows here to rehab without putting a lot of pressure on her injured left leg, but she says her friends and her family have been the true reasons she's been able to recover so quickly.

"It inspires me. It inspires me to not complain. She fights. She trusts and how can it not inspire you," says Max Zoghbi.

Zoghbi is Pourciau’s boyfriend. He brought Bonnie Kate to her physical therapy session on Monday. And though she's not expected to make a full recovery for a few more months, she already knows what she wants to do when that time comes.

"I'm ready to be done with this and not hurt anymore, run and jump like everybody else and be normal," says Pourciau.

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