Bayou Crab camp owner speaks out after crooks stole propellers, boat gear

Photo provided by staff.
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POSTED: Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - 9:47pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - 2:01am

George Cook owns a camp on Bayou Crab. It's the spot he said he and his family go to get away. Then on Saturday Cooke explained he noticed something had changed, something was missing.

"It was a point of solace my home away from home and part of that is lost," Cooke said.

He walked around the back of his camp and saw one of his boats looked different.

"It just took me back double take looking at it, and I saw wow they took my prop," Cooke said. "walked across my property saw my second boat and saw a prop missing on that one."

Cooke said crooks took both his boat's propellers.

Cooke looked down the waterway and saw other nearby boats had been hit too. Later Cooke found out the crooks also took gear from inside one of the boats.

"It disturbs me that things are going down hill that way. That they would take something so precious to my family my grand children .. and violate us in that way," Cooke said.

Assumption Parish Sheriff Mike Waguespack said deputies are investigating the theft of six propellers, several gas tanks, and other miscellaneous items from properties in the 1400 block area of Highway 400 near the residences on Bayou Crab.

The sheriff said a person or persons may have taken the parts sometime between December 30 and January 4. The question is how did they get there.

The sheriff said deputies aren't ruling out any options.

"Apparently somebody came by car or probably by boat and snuck into this area via Lake Verret, down Bayou Crab into this area known as the ditch," Waguespack said.

In a new release deputies said: "The perpetrators stole two (2) stainless steel 3 blade propellers, four (4) propellers that fit 90 horsepower Yamaha motors."

Waguespack said, "These stainless props have a value of four to five hundred dollars, so if they are able to sell them on the street or to a dealer or somebody else that's looking for them they can get some real cash money."

Waguespack said the investigation is on going but deputies do have some leads they are looking into. The sheriff said he is also going to add extra patrols to the area.

"We've got to do a better job patrolling this area being on the look out for these bad guys who are doing this," He said.

Cooke said he is also looking into options to beef up security at his camp just in case.

"Looking into the possibility of cameras and the idea of identifying everything that I own with some sort of marking to permanently mark it," Cooke described.

Deputies ask if you know anything about this case or, "If you become aware of someone suspicious selling these items" please contact the Sheriff's Office's Criminal Investigative Division at 985-526-1627 or APSO Communications Division at 985-369-2912.

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