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Bayou Corne woman speaks out after home was burglarized

Bayou Corne woman speaks out after home was burglarized
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POSTED: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 7:00pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 7:04pm

Break-ins at evacuated homes in Bayou Corne rocked the community. Assumption Parish Sheriff's Deputies say two teens allegedly targeted homes in the evacuation zone since a massive sinkhole formed nearby. Jennifer Gregoire is one of several victims. She says the burglaries were a slap in the face.

"Nothing is safe anymore," Gregoire said. "Everything is stressful and just to add this on it as well. No one wants to go through that. "

Gregoire described the Bayou Corne community was quiet and serene.

"Everybody could trust everybody. I could leave my door unlocked to go to the grocery store. I could come back and my door wasn't wide open nothing was missing out of my house," She explained.

Things changed when the sinkhole formed forcing many families to evacuate their homes. Gregoire said crooks see it as an open invitation to take what they want.

"It's like Candy Land not Sauce Piquante. Everyone is breaking in. I guess they are getting desperate and needing more things. I don't know it's horrible to say the least," Gregoire stated.

In April she noticed someone knocked out her window air conditioning unit and went inside her house.

"It was just heart breaking I had my kids with me. Now I'm to the point where I carry my gun with me everywhere," Gregoire explained.

"I felt horrible. I didn't know if someone stole my bike or my toys," Sebastian Gregoire, Jennifer's son, said.

Then a few days ago Gregoire said someone brought this computer monitor back. That's when she called the Assumption Parish Sheriff's Office. Deputies arrested Billy Gros,19 and his 14 year old brother.

"These are children who are at the age to know what's right and what's wrong," Gregoire exclaimed."This is not like lets go to the store and steal a piece of bubble gum this is you're breaking and entering you are stealing property."

Turns out the alleged burglars live just down the street.

Donald Gros, father of the two teens, said he understands his kids should have been punished. He said they were good kids who made bad choices. Choices he hopes they will learn from.

"First thing I thought was well this may be a wake up call for them. I know they've done wrong, but a parent can only do so much," Gros said.
Both teens are in the Assumption Youth Detention Center.

Now Gregoire's added not trespassing signs and adding security cameras to make sure no one breaks into her home again.

"That is something you don't want to think of having an intruder in your house, and you walk in anything could happen," She said.

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