Bayou Corne residents demand answers regarding flaring at Crosstex

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POSTED: Monday, September 23, 2013 - 6:14pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 9:26am

People living in Bayou Corne were startled by a the sight of a massive flame coming of a flare in the Crosstex Processing Services facility off Hwy. 70 next door to the Texas Brine Company, Sunday evening. They tell NBC33 they never got a warning about the flaring.

"Well, I saw a huge pit flare going up that haven't seen since I've been in Bayou Corne," Mike Schaff, Bayou Corne resident, said "What concerns me is everyone is going on like this is normal. This isn't normal."

They want more to be done to give them a heads up, so they can know what's going on near their homes.

"Somebody decided it was insignificant the people don't need to know about it. Therefore, they didn't tell us," Nick Romero, Bayou Corne resident, said. "I believe anything that happens in here is significant. We should know about it. "

Jill McMillan with Crosstex explained the company was performing routine maintenance at their facility and used a flare. McMillan said using a flare is standard industry practice and at the community was safe.

"Crosstex is right there close to the sinkhole that is not a safe feeling," Romero said. "Not a safe feeling at all."

McMillan said the company contacted the Assumption Parish Sheriff's Office prior to the start of flaring, but the company never notified Assumption Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness John Boudreaux until Monday morning. Boudreaux agreed the flaring was consistent with industry standards.

"They can go out and tell the general public everything is good everything is fine. Go out there and try to sell them on the fact that Crosstex did the right thing they flared the gas and took care of their problem," Romero said. "All that means is hey we got lucky."

Boudreaux said parish emergency leaders meet with companies working on the salt dome there once a week. He said parish leaders encourage companies like Crosstex to give them warning of future flarings, so leaders can tell residents.

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Crosstex claims they have their facility manned 24/7. They say it on all of their updates posted on the DNR website.
If this is normal flaring of butane why is the smoke thick with soot?

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