Baton Rouge nurse recognized nationally for her work in HIV education

Baton Rouge nurse recognized nationally for her work in HIV education
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POSTED: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 9:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 10:31am

Baton Rouge Nurse Meredith Lampton is usually the first person a patient will see after learning they've tested positive for HIV.

"I do a lot of, what I call, 101 education. Teaching them about the disease, transmission, how to protect their partners, about the importance of taking their medication," explained Lampton.

For most, seeing a patient after they've been given life changing news would be a task to heavy to handle. But Lampton doesn't dwell on the negative. Instead, she sees herself and the services she provides as a ray of hope.

"It is very difficult at times to see them in their sadness and despair, but like I said, I enjoy getting to share the good news that they're going to be okay," Lampton said.

Of course she admits not every story is a story of success. Patients refuse to take medicines, or they don't take advantage of the care they're given and for Lampton that can prove frustrating.

"Everybody has bad days and good, you know. And there are a lot of days that are frustrating because me, as part of the medical team I know the benefits of these medicines and I know if they just put them in their mouth and swallow them every day that they would work! And so it can be frustrating at times trying to make the patients understand that," Lampton explained.

But there are more good days than bad, and seeing a patient survive and thrive, makes it all worthwhile.

"He said, 'I never thought I’d be feeling so good. I’ve got my own place, I’ve got a great job and I am really feeling good. And I didn't think when I saw you 10 months ago that I’d be in this position.' So I am like, 'I can do this another day,'" Lampton said.

Lampton was recognized for her service in HIV education by a national nursing association earlier this month.

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