Baton Rouge lawyer lends support for gun control

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POSTED: Monday, February 4, 2013 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 3:50pm

As a hunter and gun owner you may expect Baton Rouge lawyer Lewis Unglesby to take a more lenient stance on gun control, but after being held at gunpoint more than once, he now supports bans on automatic weapons.

"You're looking at a guy who's twice had a gun in his face, up against his head. two different times in my life. Now my ak-47, had I one, would never have protected me unless I chose to walk around with it fully loaded in public," he explained.

Unglesby is hoping lawmakers at every level of government will start the process of taking automatic weapons off the market, and soon. He said he sees no reason for everyday citizens to get their hands on the most powerful guns out there.

"Where do we live that we need to be able to shoot 30 bullets in less than five seconds? They're only for one thing, killing people. That's all they're for, killing people," Unglesby explained pointedly.

But his opinion isn't one shared by many in the area, in previous interviews with gun owners, NBC33 found many of them don't support bans on high capacity guns.

"Bottom line to me is, we send out men and women everyday to fight for our freedom in this country. Yet our government is always trying to find ways to limit our freedoms. So I think they have a lot of soul searching to do up there on Capitol Hill," Charles Thomas, a gun owner, shared.

"Any kind of unrest, be it natural disaster, civil unrest, political unrest, people look for security. Right now it's troubled times all the way through so we're really looking at something we can grasp on to," explained Jim McClean of Jim’s Firearms in Baton Rouge.

For now the gun control debate rages in Washington and right here in Louisiana.

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I think Louis Unglesby made an ass of himself on the news last night.I also think he owes the gun owners of this state an apology for calling us STUPID

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