Baker woman describes moment plane hit her home

Baker woman describes moment plane hit her home
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POSTED: Monday, June 10, 2013 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 10, 2013 - 10:04pm

Carolyn Walker can barely stand to look at the roof of her home on Rue Nicole in Baker. She was inside when a plane crashed into her home Friday afternoon. Now She is trying to figure out how to deal with the disaster, but it isn't easy.

"I'm having issues when I see a plane I kind of cringe, or if a loud noise like an air condition kick on and it's loud I jump," Walker described.

Friday she was home ill when all of a sudden something fell from the sky.

"As I looked up all of a sudden I heard a rumbling. All of a sudden it was a loud bam like a bomb. Worse then a bomb to me," She explained. "I thought I was in a third world country and it was terrorist."

Walker ran back inside to get her dog. Once she hit the backyard the plane exploded.

"I pretty much almost had a heart attack," Walker said. "When it first happened my heart was just it started beating real fast. You know how your heart beats so hard you can hear it. That is how I felt. That is how it was."

Baker Police allowed the Walkers back into their home to grab some items, but warned them not to touch anything that had been covered with jet fuel.

Walker couldn't take out much: "It makes you sick if you stand there to long, but pretty much all our stuff is damaged. "

Walker said she's blessed to be alive. Now her family is taking it day by day. They are staying with relatives in Zachary until they can figure out a game plan.

"It's tough staying with other people," Walker described. "It's kind of hard when you get used to... I got used to this place. I love my neighborhood."

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