Airport preps for bad weather: remind to check for cancellations and delays

Airport preps for bad weather: remind to check for cancellations and delays
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POSTED: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 3:30am

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 5:13am

Ramps turned into skating rinks, cars swerving and sliding everywhere, and traffic crawling along for hours is what we can expect tomorrow and with the icy conditions about to hit Louisiana again, traveling by car or by plane wont be easy and it's not recommended.

Road closures caused people to take unfamiliar roads or roads that may have been icy, which caused a lot of accidents

Tuesday, the city and state are thinking ahead so should you. If you had a flight booked for Tuesday you most likely wont be going anywhere.

Some locals told NBC33, this kind of weather is really a nightmare.

Lets face it, Louisiana is not used to the cold, wet, and icy conditions and neither are the locals.

“I am not a big fan of it,” noted local, Travis Samuels.

Friday’s ice storm shut down most of the city and caused road closures and even over 200 bad wrecks.

“I am glad I was at home and not in the air at least a mid point. I did not want to deal with that," said Samuels.

But although some people may have learned others have no choice but to go about their planned schedules. Michael Thomas is a prime example. He’s supposed to come home after an interview in Dallas tomorrow but his flight isn’t cancelled just yet.

"I am prepared,” noted Thomas. “I think it most likely will be canceled you got to deal with it."

"A lot of cancelations in the morning then after that it will depend on the weather," said Baton Rouge Airport’s, Jim Caldwell.

But others' situations turned out a little different

“I did bypass did fortunately delta gave me all of 45 minutes to get me to the Atlanta airport I was successful and obviously made it here on time," said local Chris Caprino.

Caprino saw what happened last week and is thrilled he made it back before the weather got bad.

“Basically it was a disaster averted."

Officials say you should check your flight no matter what even up until you leave for the airport, because of and cancelations or delays.

"Airlines are a lot better at dealing with these situations than years ago," noted Caldwell.

So right now, it’s all about safety and of course mitigating any issues that could arise from the bad weather south Louisiana is most likely going to see.

Airlines are canceling flights because of runway conditions but also because of ice accumulation on the wings, the in air weather and the conditions at your plane's final destination.


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