Aftermath crew helps families find closure after crime scene is cleared

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POSTED: Monday, February 4, 2013 - 10:30pm

UPDATED: Monday, February 4, 2013 - 10:34pm

Police, firefighters and EMT’s all assist at crime scenes to help with investigations and assist the families, but what happens after? Who cleans up the mess?

Over 15 years ago two friends had a neighbor commit suicide. They stepped up to help the family, then later decided to pioneer a company called Aftermath, a business to help loved ones with the moving on process and help with the "aftermath" cleanup.

"You go, you clean it up and try and help the family move on," Brian Bartle, Aftermath employee, said. "I like the experience to help them move on." 

Bartle never imagined this would be his career. But now, after working as a firefighter, he knows he can handle almost anything.

"Having experience seeing those type of incidents it's a reassurance you know whatever I get into I can handle it, it’s not the first time I have seen it."

The group of employees arrive at the scene, assist the situation, talk with the family and go over their procedures. However, every death or job is different.

"If we get called to an unattended death we have to do the entire house," Bartle explained. "Everything has to be cleaned because the odor the body puts out when its decomposing it ravels and will stick to anything."

They suit up, and then begin the cleanup process. They use a variety of chemicals and cleaners to disinfect the floors, walls and ceiling.

"We have an air mover which helps move air around the room,” says Bartle. “We have a Heppa 500 fan that will take the all of the air out of the house, it cleans it and pushes it outside the house."

The main things they look for to clean and disinfect are bodily fluids, bodily matter or blood, but they also can deal directly with tear gas clean up.

Aftermath just doesn't take care of cleaning up scenes from murders suicides or natural deaths they can clean up locker rooms, cop cars, jail cells, and even cafeterias.

"Were more than a mop and bucket company, but we get everything done the way it’s supposed to be done," says Bartle.

And in most situations being surrounded by death and sadness, the Aftermath crew provides emotional help to the families they need to move on.

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