7-year-old piano prodigy dabbles in science as well

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012 - 3:11pm

7-year-old piano prodigy Adrian Romoff just played on what may be the world's most prestigious musical stage: Carnegie Hall.

And music's just the start of what makes Adrian unique.

Spend a little time with him, and you'll realize the piano prodigy is also a student of the legends.

One second, Adrian discusses Mozart; the next, he is referencing Vladimir Horowitz.

And his favorite legend?

Albert Einstein.

"Albert Einstein did get the Nobel Peace Prize," said Adrian. "Well, you don't have to admire them if they got the Nobel Peace Prize, but you can if you like."

The other thing with Einstein?

He wasn't just a great scientist, he also happened to be a great musician.

Adrian already has that part down.

Last month he performed at Carnegie Hall, winning first prize in an international child competition.

"This is the first concert where I wasn't nervous," he said. "All those easy concerts, I was nervous, and the hard concert, I wasn't ... does that make any sense?"

The 7-year-old is already in 4th grade and might just be ahead of the curve with that whole science part too, doing experiments with batteries and electricity for fun.

"I want to be the same level," he says, "not science higher or music lower; I want to be the same level."

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