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POSTED: Friday, February 11, 2011 - 4:53pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 11, 2011 - 5:37pm

MORSE, La (NBC33) -- If you're in the mood for some Cajun cuisine, a local start-up can satisfy that craving. One local man combines his family traditions with Louisiana crawfishing to start his own company.

Twenty-four-year-old Mark Alleman has been crawfish farming most of his life. His father is a crawfish farmer. At the peak of the season, his thousand-acre pond yields up to 1,400 hundred sacks of fresh mudbugs everyday. Those sacks go out to vendors all over the south. So, Alleman decided to add a new element to the family business, a catering company that brings every party to a boil.

"I wanted to take the crawfish my family farms, and send it out to people around the state," he says. Two years ago, he started Cravin' Cajun Seafood Catering. "The name just sounds good," he laughs. Now, his business is finally booming.

Alleman says he's spent the last two years getting the word out about his company and trying to find expand his client list.  "This is our breakout year," he says.

Alleman travels all over the place, to states as far away as Oklahoma, with a system that boils up to 2,000 pounds of crawfish an hour. He says his company is different from other crawfish caterers because he does more than just boil up the Louisiana delicacy.

Instead, Cravin' Cajun brings the whole party, everything from drinks and tables to venues and music. Alleman says if the customers want, he'll set up everything. All they have to do is show up.

He says providing crawfish boils to folks all over the state brings him back to his own roots. "You never see anyone mad at a crawfish boil," he explains. "It just makes people happy."

Of course, he throws a little Cajun flavor into the mix. "We've got our own special recipe. Everybody's is different, but we think ours is the best," he says.

You can expect to see more from the young entrepreneur. Alleman juggles culinary school on top of running a business, so that someday he can add more than just crawfish to his menu. "I want to sharpen my skills and strengthen my business," he says.

It's all about giving customers a taste of what Louisiana is all about.

If you want to try Alleman's catering services, give him a call at (337) 501-7897 or shoot him an email at You can also find Cravin' Cajun Seafood Catering on Facebook at!/pages/Cravin-Cajun-Seafood/103315873079188

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