Woman gives birth in Atlanta gridlock

Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 8:43am

In the middle of the winter storm that paralyzed Atlanta Tuesday, a mother gave birth in her car along I-285.

"If I had to choose I think I'd rather go through our ordeal than to be one of the folks that spent the night on the highway," said new father, Nick Anderson.

For many stranded on Atlanta’s roads Tuesday night that ordeal ended in a headache. For nick Anderson and his wife Amy, it ended with a beautiful baby girl.

Nick Anderson says that the "Mom and baby are doing great."

Via facetime Amy told me she started having contractions Tuesday afternoon and called her husband for help.

"It took me about two-and-a-half hours to get home. We figured we'd take a chance and got in my car got on 75 south and it was great," Nick Anderson explained.

When they got to 275 near riverside drive they hit gridlock and Amy knew baby Grace was coming whether they were ready or not.

"We couldn't go forward anymore and that's when I knew the contractions had gotten so strong," said Amy Anderson.

"The 911 operator was fantastic. She talked me through the whole thing. It's kinda one of those things you don't have time to freak out or panic," Nick Anderson said.

Sandy Springs traffic officer Tim Sheffield pulled up minutes later.

"I walked over to them and I said 'are ya'll broke down?' I could tell they were on the phone and he said 'no actually we're having a baby," Sheffield said.

"He ran to his car and got a first-aid kit. The biggest thing was trying to keep her warm," Nick Anderson explained.

The Anderson’s say they're thankful for first responders like Sheffield who help get Grace to the hospital. For Sheffield it's a call he won't soon forget.

"That's why I love this job, it's never the same thing it's always something different everyday,” he said.

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