With skin cancer rates rising, Baton Rouge residents look to stay protected

With skin cancer rates rising, Baton Rouge residents look to stay protected
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 4:59pm

Nearly 5 million people in US have been treated for cancer in the last year, and the surgeon general said many cases can be avoided. Baton Rouge native Ruppert Schaub is just one of many who have been effected.

"As you can see right here, I've had skin cancer before. About a year ago I had to go to the doctor and get them removed," said Schaub as he pointed at two scars on his arm.

Schaub is healthy today, but those past experiences have made him aware of the dangers of the sun, so he makes sure his kids are protected.

"For my children, I put the sunscreen on them but I make sure, they wear their shirts. I didn't use to wear shirts when I was younger and that's probably why I got skin cancer," he added.

For some people, staying out of the sun is impossible due to their job, so making sure that their skin isn't too exposed is even more important.

"My job keeps me outdoors all the time. I have to apply sunscreen everyday pretty much year round, no matter what, especially on a bright day like today," said Randy Maum of Baton Rouge.

"The best way to do it is to protect your face the most cause that is where most of the skin cancer rates are rising," added Pat McClean, a life guard at Liberty Lagoon.

And for the those who frequent tanning salons, they put themselves at an even higher risk of getting cancer.

"There's 10 states out there now who have put in legislation that bans the use of indoor tanning facilities for those under the age of 18. We certainly support those measures to be able to protect the youth from a known carcinogen," said Boris Lushniak, acting surgeon general.

"Don't do it. I really don't feel like you need to get your skin all over exposed to anything. To me it seems like it's just drying it up," said Maum.

McClean added, "It's silly, because the sun is free...all year round."

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