What's that smell at the intersection of Burbank & Staring?

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POSTED: Monday, August 18, 2014 - 4:31pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 - 8:16am

Raw sewage is taking over the brand new Staring Lane Extension that leads to Burbank Drive. If you drive by quickly on your way to work, you won't notice much out of the ordinary---unless it just finished storming.

If you've driven through the intersection of Burbank and Staring lately, then you've probably noticed the smell.

"Horrible. Sewage."

"It's really bad. You can smell that it's got sewage in it."

And if you look closely- you can see it. Raw sewage covering the grass. Trash that when flushed down the toilet was supposed to stay underground is now spewing to the surface.

"Any time it rains, even if it's just a light drizzle, it's just always backing up, overflowing," says Denise Brown.

"In addition to the raw sewage on the ground the entire area is left with a very foul-smelling odor. I can tell you personally that after Sunday's rains it's obvious there's a very smelly situation out here."

And to make matters even worse, the sewage often makes its way to this nearby apartment complex.

"It's flooding into these apartment areas where children play and humans- adults- have to walk through it to and it's got to be hazardous," says Jason Brown.

"You can see it coming up from there all the time."

Residents and business owners in the area say that after the sewage is finished spewing from drains, the road is blocked off so that city workers can hose the wastewater off of the sidewalks.

"Once it comes in where people are living it becomes a real bad health hazard."

It's a smelly situation that residents say needs to be washed away soon.

"They just need to fix the problem because it's pretty bad. It's sad when the kids have to run around and play in it."

According to Public Works Director Bryan Harmon the leak is the result of a collapsed pipeline. They have plans to repair the pipeline as soon as they are able to pinpoint how long the collapsed portion is. They'll also have to reroute other sewage lines in the area before they can get in place to begin the repairs.

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