Vermilion River gets new system to combat trash problems

Vermilion River gets new system to combat trash problems
KADN Staff

POSTED: Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 1:45pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 2:25pm

With new projects seeming to pop-up all around Lafayette road-ways, finally the water-ways are getting some attention too.

The Vermilion River over the past few years has gone through multiple projects in order to clean up the one of Lafayette's few natural water systems. While trash in the river has been a major concern, the Vermilion River's newest project is set to take care of the dirty work. David Cheramie, Bayou Vermilion District CEO says help is on the way.

"The equipment that we are purchasing through the cooperative agreement through Lafayette Consolidated Government is called a Bandalong system." says Cheramie. "It's basically a cage that we are going to be putting along the bottom of the coulees. We've designated this as one of major trash producers because it drains the campus and downtown areas."

"Basically what it is, is a cage at the bottom of the coulee and as water rushes through it, it will go over and around the cage but the trash will be put into the cage. With this system, whenever the cage is full, we'll just bring a crane truck pick it up in a dumpster and haul it off. It will be a lot more efficient and quicker and our guys will be freed up to do other projects along the bayou."

The new Bandalong system will cost $150,000 and will be placed along the Coulee Mine just north of South College. The Bandalong system is designed by a company out of Australia and will be the first one of it's kind in Lafayette.

A group of cities around the U.S. who share similar concerns with their water ways are using the same piece of equipment and seeing improvements.  

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