TX: Software glitch leads to mistaken release of 25 Dallas prisoners

TX: Software glitch leads to mistaken release of 25 Dallas prisoners
Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 12:49pm

By Elyssa Lassiter

DALLAS (KDAF) -- Dallas, TX—Remember when we told you 3 prisoners were set free because of a computer glitch? Well, make that close to two dozen!

"The computers were supposed to solve the problem," city council member Dwaine Carraway said. "I'm certain something will be [done,] but it needs to be done immediately. We're not happy campers."

Bet these inmates' victims weren't happy campers either. Scary.

"Because of that backlog, some of those cases did not reach Dallas County within their required 72 hours," Deputy Sheriff Catherine Smith said. "We've implemented some procedures that will keep that from happening in the future."

Out of the "lucky" crew, 6 were violent crimes. 5 of those involved family violence.

Paige Flink, CEO of The Family Place works with victims of domestic violence everyday. "When the perpetrator is arrested, the victim can find another place to live, find a way to stay safe, and so you need that time. When someone is released early, it's really frightening, because you think they're going to be in there a certain amount of time and they're not."

If you see any of these faces on the street, you might want to call police.

"We're working very diligently to fix any issues we come upon," Catherine added. "We relate it to a new car, you needed a new car but you're not familiar with where all the gadgets are on it."

Freedom ran out for two of those inmates. Marcial Mendez was handed over to Border Patrol and Lavatray Polk is back behind bars. But don't worry, that leaves just 20 something inmates out there. 

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