TX boy found beaten, malnourished under stairs

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 8:58am

A father and stepmother in Harris County, Texas are facing child endangerment charges.

Police say they were abusing one of their seven children.

In a small four-by-four room under a stairwell inside this home off of Castlemont Lane in Northwest Harris County, constables say this five-year-old boy was forced to live, locked inside.

Police say it's quit common for them to keep this kid locked away, but officers say they don’t know why. The parents refuse to speak to authorities.

Over the weekend, officers were called to the home when this, Bradley Bleimeyer was seen fighting with his 16-year-old step son in the front yard. Officers say the 16-year-old told them he was fighting with Bleimeyer because he was upset about how the little boy was being treated.

Investigators say Bleimeyer and his wife, Tammi, were eventually arrested and charged with endangering a child.

The child was found to have serious injuries to his face and he appeared to be malnourished.

Skip Warren is on the HOA and says he knew something was wrong for several months.

“When they went out to pay their homeowners fees they said it was seven kids, they had water, it was off for about a week or 10 days. They had electricity, it was off and if you had people living here, we don't know how they existed. But yeah, this is a sad day,” said Warren.

And this afternoon Tammi, who is now out on bond, was seen picking up children from school, but refused to speak to the media.

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