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Top 25 most watched TV shows of 2013

Top 25 most watched TV shows of 2013
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POSTED: Saturday, December 21, 2013 - 11:00am

UPDATED: Saturday, December 21, 2013 - 11:04am

Living in Louisiana, we all know watching football on TV is a big deal. Whether it’s professional, college, or even high school, its why most residents yell at their TV sets on weekends.

Of course, there is our in state reality TV stars of Duck Dynasty. When commercials started playing for Wille and Uncle Si Chia Pets, it seemed like Duck Dynasty was the biggest TV show in the world.

Then how could we forget about the final season of Breaking Bad? Even if you never watched the show, someone probably went out of their way to try to convince you to watch it.

However, according to TV Guide, the most watched show of 2013 was (drum roll please)…NCIS. TV Guide explained that NCIS, in its tenth season, was able to beat NBC’s Sunday Night Football by 600,000 viewers for the most watched program of 2013.

In fact Duck Dynasty was tied with 60 Minutes with 12.4 million viewers for the number 21 spot. On a positive note, the West Monroe based reality sitcom was the fourth most watched comedy behind, Modern Family, Two and a Half Men, and The Big Bang Theory.

TV Guide shined the spotlight on AMC’s The Walking Dead, for doing something a cable show rarely does: finish in the top ten.

CBS had a very successful year, with twelve of its programs being ranked in top 25 most viewed shows. The only other network that came close was FOX and ABC with four shows each.

Surprisingly, CBS cancelled its show Vegas despite the fact it earned an average 12 million viewers, earning the rank of 23 on the list. However, TV Guide cites that Vegas did not do well amongst the 18-49 adult demographic, as a probable reason for CBS cancelling the show.


Are any of your favorite shows on the list? What are your favorite shows? What show do you think will be the most watched in 2014? Tell us by leaving a comment below.


TV Guide’s Top 25 most watched shows are:

1. NCIS (CBS) 21.6 million

2. Sunday Night Football (NBC) 21.0 million

3. The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 19.0 million

4. NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) 17.5 million

5. Person of Interest (CBS) 16.2 million

6. American Idol (Wednesday) (FOX) 15.1 million

7. Dancing With The Stars (Monday) (ABC) 15.0 million

8. American Idol (Thursday) (FOX) 14.8 million

9. The Voice [Monday] (NBC )14.4 million

10. The Walking Dead (AMC) 14.3 million

11. Dancing With The Stars [Tuesday] (ABC) 14.0 million

12. Two And A Half Men (CBS) 13.9 million

13. The Voice [Tuesday] (NBC) 13.5 million

14. Blue Bloods (CBS) 13.3 million

15. Elementary (CBS) 13.0 million

16. Monday Night Football (ESPN) 12.9 million

17. Modern Family (ABC) 12.7 million

18. Criminal Minds (CBS) 12.6 million

19. The OT (FOX) 12.5 million

20. Castle (ABC) 12.5 million

21 Duck Dynasty (A&E) 12.4 million
tied with: 60 Minutes (CBS) 12.4 million

23. Vegas (CBS) 12.0 million

24. The Following (FOX) 11.9 million
tied with: Survivor: Philippines (CBS) 11.9 million
tied with: CSI (CBS) 11.9 million

Click here to see the full report from TV Guide.

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