Tire thefts keeping trucks parked in Watson


POSTED: Tuesday, December 14, 2010 - 6:02pm

UPDATED: Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 12:35am

WATSON, La (NBC33)--Imagine waking up to find your vehicle without wheels. 

That's the case for about a half dozen people in Watson.  The victims are all owners of either GMC or Chevy trucks with 20 inch tires.  And they're all reporting the same crime.

The tires, rims and lugnuts are gone, and the only thing left is the jack holding the vehicle up.  The guess is that the wheel stealers are trying to make quick cash.  That's because replacing each tire costs up to $1500.

"I can't even put my fingers on it," says one of the victims, Johnny Long.  "Because nobody in here's ever had anything stolen and now everybody's on alert."

Detectives don't have much to go on right now.  They say the best way to keep your vehicles safe is to keep your eye on it.

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This news is really shocking. Chevy truck parts thieves are really going overboard. Not only Chevy but other trucks as well. Their next move is to sell these parts that they stole. Like these tires.

It feels really bad that why do people do these type of thefts.Now do we should keep the cc cameras in garage also to keep the eye on it??
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