The power of the purse: Red Cross holds luncheon to go toward efforts

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POSTED: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - 5:39pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 4:21pm

When disaster strikes, they're always there. Red Cross volunteers were honored for their service on Tuesday at their annual "Power of the Purse" luncheon.

For most women, a purse is essential. It carries most of our stuff, and it can complete an outfit, but for the American Red Cross, it means so much more. It's a symbol of preparedness.

"One of the things that the American Red Cross does is we keep people ready to roll," Kay Wilkins, Regional CEO of American Red Cross, said.

So these purses are being auctioned off. Money that'll go straight to the Red Cross.

"The funds that we raise today will help us respond to emergencies," Wilkins added.

Red Cross volunteers are on the scene right when a disaster happens, volunteers like Jennifer Carver.

"I decided to do disaster response because I wanted to get in and help folks when they need it the most," Carver said.

Carver has responded to more than 80 house fires in our area since she started volunteering, and that was only back in August. However, that's not all she does.

"So that means going to elementaries and talking to young children about fire safety and escape plans and having them go home and ask their parents about smoke detectors," Carver explained.

Carver along with the dozens of volunteers said events like this luncheon are a way to make people more aware of what the Red Cross does and hopefully, inspire them to get involved.

"It's so fulfilling to help other folks," Carver said. "You can really see the difference. When you're providing them comfort, giving them that listening ear, and that 'I'm going to be here with you through the recovery process.' It's just so incredibly fulfilling."

To learn more about Red Cross, their efforts or if you're interested in volunteering you can go to:

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