The Key to Succeed: Local businesses team up to bring more technology to the classroom

The Key to Succeed: Local businesses team up to bring more technology to the classroom
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POSTED: Saturday, July 12, 2014 - 2:33pm

UPDATED: Saturday, July 12, 2014 - 2:35pm

We live in a world filled with technology, and in this day and age, it is an essential tool for education. However, some schools just don't have enough money for it. Right now, some local businesses and a non-profit want to make sure at least one school in our community has a computer lab of it's own.

Shannon Fertitta is the assistant director for the Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council. Fertitta knows how important education is, and in our evolving times, she believes technology is key to success.

"Well computer technology is not an option. It's a necessity," Fertitta said. "If a child is going to go anywhere with their education, they have to have access to computer technology. So we're starting it as early has possible."

Judy Smart agreed. She is the owner of Roadrunner Towing.

"The junior highs and high schools are much better equipped than the elementary schools," Smart said. "The elementary schools are where this computer stuff needs to start."

That's why they want to make sure kids in our community have the tools they need to succeed.

"We're here today because sadly not many of the schools are properly equipped," Smart said.

So, Roadrunner Towing and CACRC teamed up Saturday for an electronics recycling drive to kick off a special project. It's called "Tools for Schools." The project donates a computer lab to one local school to help bring more technology into the classroom.

"We are going to be getting some computers ready for Crestworth Elementary School. We're going to be providing a computer lab for them," Fertitta explained.

"We want to be active in the community, and Baton Rouge has given so much to us. I mean, Baton Rouge has really, really been good to me, and I just feel like we owe that to Baton Rouge," Smart said.

"This is going to help them with their test scores. This is going to help them with their homework, and it's going to help them do great in middle school, high school, and then college," Fertitta said. "So, this is just the very beginning."

It's not too late to donate. If you have any electronics you'd like to help, you can just drop you electronics off at CACRC. The address is 1400 Main Street in Baton Rouge.

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