Tech Corner

How companies are using video games to make hiring decisions

You may want to beef up your gaming skills. New computer games are being designed to help employers spot top recruits.

2013: The year in video gaming

The Year of the Gamer. Does 2013 actually deserve that title?

Local small businesses among early adopters of Bitcoins

High-tech investors have been excited recently about the rising value of Bitcoins. But they are not just a collectible for computer nerds. More and more, small businesses are getting in on the Bitcoin rush.

Diabetes is leading cause of blindness, but new therapy could stop eye damage

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness. It is something that can oftentimes be diagnosed during an eye exam as an eye doctor sees cholesterol build-ups and abnormal blood vessels inside the eye.

NASA launches new spacecraft to orbit Mars

You may have heard it before: Billions of years ago, Mars probably looked more like Earth does now, with clouds and oceans and a much thicker atmosphere. It may even have had some type of microbes. But now it's a barren, frozen desert.

Console smackdown! PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

The last time a new PlayStation or Xbox hit the market, Facebook had fewer than 12 million users, a tablet was a pill and nobody outside of Apple had heard of a gadget called the iPhone.

The era of hot consumer tech IPOs is over

The last ultra-buzzy, household-name tech company has left the building.

Re-entry expected for falling satellite within hours

A 2,000-pound European satellite is expected to re-enter Earth's atmosphere within hours, its controllers announced Sunday as the craft circled gradually downward.

Tens of billions of planets out there are like Earth, study finds

Ever have one of those days where you just wanna be alone, maybe have the planet to yourself? Well, based on sheer numbers, there may be a planet just for you.

So when's that new iPad Mini coming, anyway?

Two weeks after Apple announced a new iPad Mini, shoppers looking to snap one up for the holidays -- or just for themselves -- are no closer to knowing when the tablet might hit stores.

Katy Perry dethrones Justin Bieber on Twitter

In Twitter's popularity contest, Katy Perry is the new queen bee.

Steve Jobs' childhood home designated as an historic site

It may not look special, but a modest 1950s ranch-style house in a suburban Bay Area neighborhood is now a protected historical site.

How tech can prevent 'phantom' traffic jams

Can mounting radar sensors or cameras on cars help prevent some traffic jams? New research suggests so.

Google letting you hand-write your e-mails

For many, typing has long overtaken handwriting as their primary word and sentence creation method. So much so that some schools no longer teach cursive.

Facebook playing with fire by policing beheading videos

Facebook has enacted a murky, case-by-case policy on violent content, setting the company on a precarious path.