Tech Corner

New study finds texting can be a deadly distraction for pedestrians

It may seem harmless, but a new study shows walking and texting can be a deadly distraction.

New app offers 30 minute alcohol deliveries to Denver residents

If you are looking to enjoy your favorite brew or liquor without having to go to the store, you may be in luck.

Tangipahoa 911 launches service that gives deaf community rare access

Imagine being in an emergency, and realizing that you cannot call 911 for help. You want to, but there is no way to tell the dispatcher what's happening.

Hammond residents enjoy their first 'Hammond America' celebration

In Hammond, hundreds of people came out for the city's first daytime 4th of July celebration. The 4th of July, Independence Day, the day we celebrate our freedom.

Study says more senior citizens using technology

The eyes are more strained, the hands, a bit more frail, but America's senior citizens have become as giddy over gigabytes as the rest of us.

Netflix to increase subscription prices

  Netflix prices are going up.

Critics say smartphone innovation has stalled

Here's a short message to smartphone makers before you try to wow us with a bunch of glitzy features in your next device: Don't do it.

NASA sending ULL research project into space

A research project at UL is going out of this world, literally. Biology professor Dr. Karl Hasenstein is leading an experiment that will unfold inside the International Space Station. It is launching Sunday, March 30.

Engineers develop app that sends smells

Forget text messaging, the 'oPhone' lets you send smells Holiday albums could be less forgettable when pictures of a Mediterranean meal carry the scent of olives; a selfie on the beach contains a trace of salt spray or a rainy London sc

College students reminisce as World Wide Web turns 25

Even the plugged-in generation can feel nostalgic for the early days of the World Wide Web.

What's at the bottom of the 'Deep Web'?

What we commonly call the Web is really just the surface. Beneath that is a vast, mostly uncharted ocean called the Deep Web.

'Crowdsourcing' volunteers comb satellite photos for Malaysia Airlines jet

You -- the person now reading this story -- can help experts solve the mystery of what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared over the open sea.

World Wide Web celebrates its 25th birthday

Think back to your life before your smartphone. Or, if you can, to life before shopping, researching, and messaging via the internet. The World Wide Web has made life a lot easier, and a lot more interesting for us.

CA cinema accommodates blind and deaf with new technology

James Forbes lost his sight 11 years aog, but he still enjoys movies. He just enjoys them differently than the way sighted viewers do, using the film's sound to tell the story,

New app can help fight parking tickets

Few things enrage normally calm people like finding a parking ticket tucked under the windshield wiper of their car.