Tech Corner

Nokia gets into the tablet game

Nokia is getting into the tablet business. The company announced a new 10-inch tablet called the Lumia 2520 on Tuesday at a press event in Abu Dhabi. The Windows RT device is Nokia's first full-sized tablet.

Apple unveils lighter iPad Air

Thinner. Lighter. Faster. That's what Apple promises in its newest iPad, which also has a new name: the iPad Air.

Swiftships: UL Lafayette develops unmanned boat for military

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Swiftships Shipbuilders LLC are working together to develop a military boat capable of autonomous navigation.

Trading in your iPad? Do it now

With a new iPad likely around the corner, iPad trade-ins are on the rise -- and selling prices are falling fast.

Duolingo 'incubator' aims to crowdsource language teaching

 It's relatively easy to find English, Spanish, French and German courses online. But, what if you want to learn Latin, Silbo Gomero, Mayan or Basque?

Facebook changes privacy settings for teens

Facebook is relaxing its rules for teenagers.

How to exchange money using just an e-mail

Square, the mobile app and hardware that turns a smartphone into a cash register, is now letting users send and receive money as easily as sending an e-mail.

Facebook changes privacy settings for teens

Facebook is relaxing its rules for teenagers. The 13- to 17-year-old set now has the option to share photos, updates and comments with the general public on Facebook.

Can Microsoft dethrone Apple?

Think the death of PCs will kill Microsoft, too? Not so fast, says asset manager Cole Wilcox.

Al Gore tried to buy Twitter

Al Gore may not have invented the Internet, but he did try to buy one of its most popular social networks.

Why your face might appear in Google ads, and how to stop it

You're considering buying a new pair of tube socks. A quick Google search pulls up some sock ads and below one of them you see your pal Kimberly's face next to a four-star review she's left for Sal's Sock Emporium.

Macs down, PCs up

Here's something unexpected: Of the five major PC makers in the United States, Apple was the only one whose shipments fell last quarter.

New iPhones haven't saved Apple's stock

Despite glowing reviews and strong sales, new iPhones haven't done anything to get Apple's stock out of the doldrums.

Report: Apple announcing iPad news this month

The newest iPads could make their debut later this month.

Are flexible screens the future of smartphones?

Do you ever look at your smartphone and think it's just too stiff and flat? A growing number of tech giants have, and they're aiming to fix that with what may become the next wave of smartphone innovation.