Tech Corner

Weiner gets a Twitter makeover

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner has found his way back onto Twitter, nearly two years after accidentally posting a famous tweet that ushered his political downfall.

When oversharing online can get you arrested

The five-minute video opens with a man cruising along in his car, cracking open a bottle of what appears to be Beck's beer and taking a swig.

Supreme Court to decide if companies can patent human genes

Can human genes be patented? That was the question before the Supreme Court Monday. The issue could affect the availability of life-saving genetic medicine in the future.

Thousands petition Verizon to nix wireless contracts

A movement urging Verizon to get rid of wireless contracts appears to be gaining steam.

Social media spreads information good and bad during Boston manhunt

Information about the search for the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing spread quickly Thursday night, thanks in large part to social media.

Google earnings top estimates, despite mobile problems

Mobile continues to be a problem for Google, as the company struggles with how to make money off mobile ads and its Motorola smartphone unit. But earnings still beat Wall Street estimates.

Verizon iPhone sales tumble 33 percent

Either iPhone customers are growing savvier, or they're starting to tire of Apple's smartphone.

Twitter launches music app

Twitter has finally unveiled its much-anticipated music app.

Five viral stories about Boston attacks that aren't true

In the aftermath of dramatic events like Monday's bombing attack at the Boston Marathon, it's a truth of our times that millions of people will get early bits of news via social media.

Google boss: Entire world will be online by 2020

Everybody in the world will be on the Internet within seven years. That's what Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said this weekend in public comments that inspired everything from excitement to incredulity.

America's 10 highest-tech hotels

Whether you're on business or vacation, if you're sleeping in anything more sophisticated than a zippered sack, staying connected is a necessary part of travel.

$15 million iPhone shows off rare black diamond

Family heirlooms are often packed away for safe keeping. For one man from China, hiding a 26-carat black diamond worth $14.5 million was not in his plans.

Internet security experts now know more about how hackers gain access to smartphone

Internet security experts suddenly know more about the way hackers are getting access to your smartphone, but still don't have software to prevent it.

Hacker says phone app could hijack plane

Could this be the deadliest smartphone app ever? A German security consultant, who's also a commercial pilot, has demonstrated tools he says could be used to hijack an airplane remotely, using just an Android phone.

Apple bans app in possible new wave of crackdowns

An app that helps users find other apps for free has been banned from Apple's mobile store in a move some say heralds a new round of blacklisting for content the company doesn't like.