Tech Corner

Digital tattoos, mind-reading headphones: The shape of things to come?

Forecasting future technology has never been easy. In the 1950s, scientists and technologists envisaged that by now the world would be free from disease, traversed by flying cars, and fueled by minerals from distant planets.

Senate to vote on proposed Internet sales tax law

The U.S. Senate is expected to vote on a long-debated Internet sales tax law Monday, paving the way for millions of consumers to start paying sales tax on online purchases.

Students weigh in on technology in the classroom

In Ms. Mustard's sophomore geometry class at Tucson, Arizona's San Miguel High School, students learned a lot of lessons this year and we're not just talking numbers.

4K TV promises to be four times clearer than high-def

Are you starting to take for granted the popping colors and hyper-detail of your HDTV? Fear not. 4K television is on the way, with screens that promise four times better resolution than today's best high-definition offerings.

High-tech camera acts like a bug's eye

The next generation of digital cameras could show us how bugs see the world.

What to do when your favorite site closes

Minimalist blogging platform Posterous drew its last breath earlier this week.

Apple's new blockbuster: Bonds

Investors now have two options when it comes to investing in Apple: stocks and bonds. Apple sold $17 billion of bonds Tuesday in the largest corporate bond offering ever.

Team rebuilding world's first website

Twenty years ago, a team of researchers shared the Web with the world. Now they want to show a generation that grew up online what it was like in its earliest days.

Google's predictive search comes to iPhone, iPad

Consider for a moment how much Google knows about you.

NASA probe gets close views of large Saturn hurricane

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has provided scientists the first close-up, visible-light views of a behemoth hurricane swirling around Saturn's north pole.

Spain arrests suspect in massive cyberattack

Spanish police say they've arrested the man behind what's been called the biggest cyberattack in history.

A decade of iTunes singles killed the music industry

Believe it or not, Apple's iTunes Music Store turns 10 this weekend. Although iTunes has in many ways been a godsend to fans of digital music, it has been a source of endless frustration for the music industry.

World's first Braille smartphone in development

For all of their advantages, smartphones still fall a little short for some --- specifically, for those living with visual impairment.

Coffee with Apple's CEO? That'll be $180,000

Apple CEO Tim Cook might soon be sharing Silicon Valley's most expensive cup of coffee. Sometime in the next year, Cook will sit down for a cup of mud with someone who has paid at least $180,000 for the privilege.

'Level Up Lab' newest addition to tech park

A technology park here in Baton Rouge is taking huge steps forward tonight. The park's newest addition is called the Level Up Lab. It’s a state of the art digital media studio on Florida Boulevard.