Tech Corner

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell urges internet safety for kids this summer

Across Louisiana, schools are out for summer, and many children will suddenly have plenty of free time on hand.

Internet privacy? Forget it, we're all celebrities online now

The controversy over National Security Agency data mining has spawned columns featuring ominous references to Orwell and Kafka, reassurances from politicians and jokes (made on the Internet, of course) about the government peeking through the b

Ouya, gaming's $100 console, coming soon

After years spent lurking in the shadows, the indie gaming world is ready for its moment in the spotlight. When the Ouya "micro-console" hits shelves on June 25, it could make big waves in the industry.

The beautiful new Apple computer most people won't buy

The big hardware unveil at Monday's Apple press event was the new Mac Pro, a sleek cylindrical desktop computer and the most powerful machine Apple has ever built.

Will the new Xbox 'fix' TV?

Microsoft's new video game console, the Xbox One, made its long-awaited debut last month. The real story here isn't about video games, though.

Vine gets 'Rickrolled' by 16-year-old

Oh, Rickrolling. Even on Vine, Twitter's app that lets users shoot and share six-second videos, the Web is never gonna give you up.

Fitness tracking gadgets go to the dogs

What is your dog doing right now? Is he taking a nap? Furiously digging a hole in your garden? Watching "Ellen" and nibbling on a throw pillow?

Lawmaker: Seizing Americans' phone records helped stop terrorist attack

The widespread collection of some Americans' phone records, revealed in an explosive new report, is nothing new, the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Thursday.

Metro Council meetings can now be streamed for public viewing

The City of Baton Rouge has announced their newest webcast service, where citizens can watch the Metropolitan Council meetings live or on demand.

Are you paying the iTunes tax?

That $1.29 iTunes song or $9.99 e-book may be more expensive than you think.

Verizon inks deal to live-stream Sunday afternoon NFL games

Verizon extended its exclusive deal with the National Football League yesterday, which for the first time will include the ability for subscribers to stream Sunday afternoon games and playoffs on their phones.

Apple banned from selling some iPhones and iPads after Samsung patent win

Apple won the biggest battle in its endless patent war with Samsung, but now it's Samsung's turn to be victor.

Researchers: We can hack an iPhone through the charger

Apple devices, from Macs to iPhones, have always been able to boast of advanced safety from viruses, spam and the like. Now, apparently, not even your phone charger is safe.

Gmail's new killer feature: Spam blocking 2.0

Over the next week, millions of Gmail users will notice that something's changed. Just like the web browser containing it, Gmail will have tabs.

The startup factory behind the hit game 'Dots'

The failed-startup story is familiar by now.