Tech Corner

Five apps that drove the App Store's success

"App" has been a computing term for a lot longer than five years. But, on July 10, 2008, it began its journey to becoming a household word.

Ghana's 'Dropifi' startup takes on Silicon Valley

It may be a long way from home but it took just two years for a trio of young techies to take their web-based startup from a classroom in Ghana to the world's technology capital, California's Silicon Valley.

Nokia's new Lumia packs a crazy 41-megapixel camera

After releasing two intriguing quasi-updates to last year's flagship Lumia 920 phone, Nokia finally has its true Windows Phone successor: the Lumia 1020, which packs a 41-megapixel PureView camera.

Cyberattacks are the bank robberies of the future

Bank robbers don't rob banks anymore. They don't need guns, and they don't wear masks. Instead, they hide behind their computer screens and cover their digital tracks.

Man who died on Virginia beach was killed by illegal fireworks

The Medical Examiner's office has confirmed that a man whose body was found on the beach at the Oceanfront died of an explosion injury to the head. Police say this happened as he was trying to ignite fireworks.

Top iPhone, iPad apps now FREE in Apple store

Popular apps for the iPhone and iPad, some of which usually go for up to $20, were being offered for free in Apple's online App Store on Monday, possibly in conjunction with the store's fifth anniversary.

Smartwatches shouldn't look like watches

Last week, Sony announced the Smartwatch 2, a follow-up to last year's rightfully maligned Smartwatch. As unimaginative in concept and execution as it was in name, the watch was the abject failure it deserved to be.

Study: Reddit used by 6 percent of adult Internet users

Sprawling online bulletin board Reddit is especially popular with young men, according to a new study. Six percent of all adults on the Internet use Reddit, and it is most popular with men between 18 and 29 -- 15% of whom frequent the site.

Firefox gets into the smartphone business

A new smartphone operating system is joining the fray.

Computer mouse inventor Douglas Engelbart dies

Douglas Engelbart, whose invention of the mouse transformed the way people interact with computers, has died.

Kerberos and Styx: Welcome to the Pluto System!

The names of Pluto's two smallest known moons, previously referred to as "P4" and "P5," have been formally approved by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

Want to create a mobile app? LSU has a camp for that

Have you ever had a great idea for a mobile app, but have no idea how to go about building one? LSU has a camp for that.

Facebook pulls ads from offensive pages

Starting Monday, Facebook will no longer allow ads on pages that contain sexual or violent content.

Apple tests motion detection features for iPhone

Apple appears to be testing out motion control features that will let people control their iPhones by moving their heads.

With new TVs, size matters

There doesn't seem to be anything that television manufacturers can do to persuade consumers to buy a new TV.